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Amy Gutmann’s Commitment to Increasing Access to a Penn Education
Visit the PennParents website
898-HELP Line Mental Health Support at Penn
Information about Penn’s Optional Tuition Refund Plan
Deadline to Register: August 28
  • Changes in financial circumstances:
    If your financial situation changes at any time due to unemployment, or a reduction in income, please contact our office.

  • Grant-Based Financial Aid Policy
    Penn is committed to widen access for qualified students from all economic backgrounds and is one of the few universities in the country that does not include loans in financial aid packages, making it possible for students to graduate debt-free. Read more about Penn’s Grant-Based Financial Aid Policy.
Penn.Pay is Penn’s online billing system where you can receive your student’s monthly bill, check new activity on a daily basis, and pay the bill online.  Financing and Payment Plan Options are available to assist you with your bill.
Want to access your student’s grades? Review and/or pay your student’s bill? Talk to SRFS about grades, financial aid, or a bill?¬†

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects your student’s privacy and governs disclosure of your student’s academic and financial information. Have your student visit the ‘SFS Must Do List’ to give permission to share academic/financial information with you.

For more information about FERPA and other privacy options, visit PennPrivacy.
Talk to your son/daughter about their SRFS Line of Credit

Parents are often surprised when unexpected charges appear on their student’s monthly bill.

As a reminder, SRFS offers a $1,000 line of credit that allows a student to make purchases at the Penn Bookstore, Computer Connection, and some Penn retail dining.  Students present their PennCard and advise the cashier they wish to use their SRFS line of credit. The purchase will be charged on their next monthly student billing statement.  Balances must be paid in full when they are due to avoid late payment penalties. Parents wishing to restrict access to the line of credit should contact SRFS.
PennPlan online for undergraduate students
This interactive financial planning tool can be used by aided and non-aided students and their parents and provides a wealth of information at your fingertips.  Aided students can review their view financial aid eligibility; all students, whether aided or not, can use the interactive worksheet to review their expenses, get ideas for resources, and compare budget and financing programs.
Penn.Pay is Penn's electronic billing system through which you will receive your son or daughter’s student account bill. You can also review new daily activity and/or pay your student’s bills online, securely and efficiently. Be sure your student ‘invites’ you to access Penn.Pay.
To support the University’s sustainability initiative, SRFS has significantly reduced its printed materials, with the exception of those sent to new students. Select the Publications link to view brochures.

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