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Pennant Accounts, released in October 2015, is the Student Billing and Accounts Receivable system. It comprises a collection of tools, including a Penn-configured installation of Banner Accounts Receivable from Ellucian, used by Schools, Centers, and central administrative staff to manage all aspects of a student’s billing account.

Pennant Accounts includes tools to manage the posting of charges and payments from multiple sources and the creation of consolidated statements of account, as well as accounting, reporting, and customer service tools. It also includes an operational data store and data warehouse collection to support reporting and the data needs of other University systems.


Once your User Access Request Form is received, the Pennant Help team will assign your required online KnowledgeLink training. Instructor-led training is only required for Pennant Accounts Update users who are responsible for entering transactions into Banner. Please contact to schedule classroom training.

Required online modules available on Knowledge Link:

Required Annual Courses:

  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Information Privacy and Security at Penn

One-Time Pennant Requirements:

  • Pennant Accounts: Using the Pennant Student Account Summary (PSAS) Screen (102)
  • Pennant Plus for Detail Code Inquiry and Subcode Mapping Inquiry (101)-Module 1: Overview
  • Pennant Plus for Detail Code Inquiry and Subcode Mapping Inquiry (101)-Module 2: Detail Code Inquiry
  • Pennant Plus for Detail Code Inquiry and Subcode Mapping Inquiry (101)-Module 3: Subcode Mapping Inquiry


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