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The Pennant Graduate Funding application (Grad Funding) supports various activities associated with providing School-based funding for graduate students. Grad Funding replaces manual entry into the Student Aid Management (SAM) system for departmental grants. The application includes automated support for estimating funding requirements across student populations, creating individual funding packages that combine several identified funding sources over multiple years, and disbursement of credit to the student’s billing account – either directly to Pennant Accounts or indirectly via an interface to SAM depending on the type of award. Relevant information about the student and sources of funding is captured and copied to the Data Warehouse to support analytical reporting. Pennant Grad Funding was implemented on June 29, 2015.


Access to the Graduate Funding application is administered by individual school administrators. If you are a faculty or staff member in a school and you believe that you need access to the Graduate Funding application, you should contact your Graduate Funding school administrator; other University staff should contact the Graduate Funding University administrator. A list of Graduate Funding administrators is available here.


Before starting Pennant training, you’ll need to be familiar with the NGSS project context. Watch the introductory video, read about NGSS (four parts) and read the Pennant Points.

Required online modules available on Knowledge Link:
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Information Security and Privacy
Pennant 101: Detail Code Inquiry and Subcode Mapping Inquiry
Pennant 102: Pennant Student Accounts Summary (and Errata for this module)
Pennant 400: Pennant Graduate Funding User Training

Classroom training:  none required

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